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And if you can see the potential for future advancement, why not consider studying a course that offers jobs in air transport? Want to know what majors are needed in the air transportation field?

1. Aviation Management
The Department of Aviation Management consists of 3 Study Programs, namely Air Transport Administration, Airport Operations, and Air Transport Management. Each study program accepts students from SMA, MA, and SMK, both science, social studies, language and engineering. This major prepares you to handle flight reservations, ticketing, cargo handling, ground handling, and maintenance and operation of aviation security facilities.

You can later work at government or private airlines, airports, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, or at BUMN that handles airport operations throughout Indonesia (Angkasa Pura I and II) in the Marshalling, cargo handling management, AVSEC, or AMC departments. You can also continue to work at a tour and travel agent, ground bo slot gacor handling agent, cargo agent, and aviation insurance.

Interested in studying Aviation Management? You must take an entrance selection test which includes academic tests, organ health, physical health, fitness, psychology, administration and interviews at ATKP Surabaya or STPI Curug.

2. Aviator
This department is often also called the Pilot Department or Pilot Education, which consists of the Rotary Wing Pilot Study Program, Fixed Wing Pilot Study Program, and the Aircraft Operations Study Program or FOO (Flight Operation Office). Yes, this is the dream major for those of you who have dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood.

However, make sure you are in a science class during high school, or at vocational school, before continuing your pilot education at STPI Curug, the Aviation Education and Training Agency in Banyuwangi, or BIFA in Bali. These three institutions are under the auspices of the Human Resources Development Agency of the Ministry of Transportation.

The tests that must be passed to take part in Pilot Education include aptitude tests, psychology, aptitude, interviews, organ health, physical health, administration, and TPA (Academic Potential Test). Later, you will have the IR (Instrument Rating), ME (Multi Engine), and CPL (Commercial Pilot License) qualifications required by various airlines, such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion, Merpati, and others.

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