Tip to Ensure Winning Casino Blackjack – Beat Casino Blackjack

The casino party theme is legendary amongst offices and for entertaining important groups of clients. If you’re in charge of organizing your party, you should consider holding it in your office, or in a hotel conference room.

You will be pleased to learn as the party organizer that you can hire trained casino staff to come to you. They will bring all the equipment and practically run your night for you. Just look for your local private casino organizer on the internet. This will free you up to enjoy your party and mingle with your guests.

One big decision you need to make early on is whether you will be playing with real or fake money. I can tell you from my experience that they majority of casino parties play with fake money. 아벤카지노

My recommendation to you is that you charge an up front fee to your guests. Upon arrival, hand out chips. The top 3 chip holders at the end of the night share out the kitty. This way nobody loses any more money than anybody else and your event remains fun.

Get your guests thinking about your casino party theme in advance by making your invitations into clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts cut out from card. Make sure you state on your invitations that it is a black tie event and cocktail dresses for the ladies.

Get some dollar shaped confetti and sprinkle it around your casino party venue, on the tables and surfaces.

The four games I would go for would be poker, craps, 21 and blackjack. They are all easy to learn and play, most people are already familiar with them.

You could set up a karaoke machine for your party, this being the only time I would make that suggestion, not everybody is going to be into gambling after all. You should provide some delicious finger foods and all the usual drinks.


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